Singapore Grand Prix 2023 to be held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit from 15 to 17 September 2023
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Singapore Grand Prix 2023
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Singapore Grand Prix – Marina Bay Street Circuit

MARINA BAY STREET CIRCUIT Singapore gp The Marina Bay Street Circuit is where the fun happens every year. Crowds from all over the world gather to witness the best racing teams triumph for the prize of being world champion. This Singapore f1 race has been popular for its high-energy action. Yet that is not all that Grand Prix is best known for. The Formula One Singapore Grand Prix 2024 is well known for its tricky race tracks. In fact, in its early years, the races were discontinued because of its risky twists and turns that, in some cases, resulted in death.

The Circuit

The Marina Bay street circuit is also known as the Singapore Street Circuit. This popular track measures to 5.065 kilometres (3.147 miles). It is located on the harbour side closely resembling the style of the Monaco Grand Prix and the Valencia Street Circuit. The pit area is stationed on an empty lot next to the Singapore Flyer. The rest of the track extends from beneath the Benjamin Sheares Bridge to the most beautiful landmarks of the Singapore city. Utilising public roads around the famous Marina Bay area, the actual circuit uses extremely powerful lighting systems and replicates daylight conditions, while the most stringent safety protocol ensures spectator and driver safety.
Characteristics of the circuit
The official name of the track Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit
Location Marina Bay, Singapore
Geographical coordinates 1°17′29.51″N 103°51′49.86″E
Capacity 90 000
The length of the route 5.065 km (3.147 mi)
The number of turns 23
The lap record in the race 1:50.041 , Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull-Renault, 2015
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Singapore Grand Prix 2024 - Peculiarities

The track has been blamed for its extreme road conditions that run the risk of vehicular damage. Many Formula One drivers have expressed that the Marine Bay track includes all of the conditions for danger. Sharp turns such as the ‘Singapore Sling’ has long become a major complaint.

In fact, World Champion Lewis Hamilton had once said that it takes twice the amount of effort to manoeuvre the track at Marina Bay, Singapore. These arduous conditions also conflict with the humid weather conditions known in the area. In response to the frustrations of the Formula One drivers, the FIA shortened kerbs for security while replacing the chicane with a left turn. The results were intended to create faster lap times and a smooth driving experience.

F1 Singapore 2024: What makes it difficult?

In addition to its dangerous design, Hamilton specifically pointed out the risks of certain locations. Along with few others, he exposed the extra bumpy roads on turns 5 and 7. These turns have been notorious for requiring unnecessary energy. According to race drivers, manoeuvring the turn 10 runs the risk of suspension damage. Many have also mentioned that the roads on turn 10 are so rocky that they often collide into the wall outside of the corner. The entrance of the pit lane which starts at the 23-turn layout, is known for its sharp corners and “difficult, incredibly dangerous” roads.

Singapor F1: Fun Facts

In the attempt to warn drivers of the troublesome portions, Singapore Formula One conducted a competition. In March 2009, a local fan contest was held for fans to provide names for three of the circuit’s turns. As a result, Turn 1 was given the name ‘Sheares’ after Singapore’s second president, Benjamin Henry Sheares. Turn 7 was also named Memorial for its close location to the city’s Second World War civilian memorial. Turn 10 was named Singapore Sling, however, it was later renamed. Today it is recognised as a flowing left-hander.

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Singapore Grand Prix 2023 to be held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit from 15 to 17 September 2023
This race starts in:
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